Festival Dates
12th - 15th August 2021 (Thursday - Sunday)

The QCMF staff members assisting you throughout the weekend are all volunteers, and do this because they love the Festival and what it represents. Most volunteers are Villanova students, staff or parents, but we also welcome members of the wider community, including students, staff and even some students and parents from other schools who have graciously donated some time to support the mammoth task of hosting. Never hesitate to ask the volunteer staff if there is a way we can help.

We could always use more help! If you’re interested in being a volunteer for this year’s festival, please visit our volunteering portal (Coming soon…). Alternatively, please email the QCMF team at qcmf@vnc.qld.edu.au, and we’ll let you know what the opportunities are for involvement.  We look forward to seeing you here to join in the celebrations!

QCMF Homebake – Homebake Donations – Information Pack (Coming soon…).