Festival Dates
16th - 19th August 2018 (Thursday - Sunday)

Important Changes for 2018

Please refer to the document below for changes to QCMF, actioned from our recent Advisory Meeting.

Award Criteria Update

Based upon feedback from teachers and adjudicators, the ‘criteria’ for our award system has been revised.  The revision can be viewed below.  It is important to note that these criteria are used by adjudicators to provide feedback to an ensemble regarding the ensemble’s performance of chosen repertoire at a particular moment in time.  The award system is not, nor should be, used to make comaprisons between ensembles within a section, nor between schools across the festival.

If you would like further clarification regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact the Artistic Director, Michael Jones on 3394 5691.

Uploading Stage Set-up and Performance Information Sheets

  1. Click on your school’s PURL or copy and paste your PURL into your browser.
  2. On the Manage Ensembles page scroll down to Ensembles.
  3. Find your Ensemble Name and click on Form Upload.
  4. On the Upload Documents page go to Information Sheet and click on Select File.
  5. Browse to find your completed Performance Information Sheet. Click on Open to select the correct file (.PDF, .JPG or .Docx formats accepted).
  6. Go to Stage Settings and click on Select File and repeat step 5. to select your completed Stage Set-up Sheet.
  7. Once both your completed sheets have been selected, click Upload Documents.

Once you see Document Upload Successful select Close and you will notice two grey icons beside Ensemble’s Form Upload link on the Manage Ensemble page:

CHANGING your Stage set-up and Performance Information Sheet

You can return and change your uploaded documents at any stage prior to the deadline (Monday, 23rd July) by clicking on Form Upload and selecting Change File and repeating Step 5. above and then clicking on Upload Documents.