Festival Dates
17th - 20th August 2017 (Thursday - Sunday)


Four members of the Villanova College Music Staff work as team to ensure the Festival operates at its potential each year.  The management of the Festival is supported in part by Villanova College, and the QCMF is very grateful to Mr Mark Stower (Principal) for the College’s unwavering support.

Mr Michael Jones (QCMF Artistic Director)

Responsibilities:  Overall Festival management, coordination and implementation of the Festival’s artistic goals.
*Michael is the Director of Music at Villanova College

Mrs Sandra Magnus (QCMF Facilitator)

Responsibilities:  Festival planning and implementation, scheduling of Festival entries, establishing performance schedules, management of scheduling clashes, etc.
*Sandra is in the Music Office on Mondays, and otherwise works from home. She’s also a past-parent at VNC

Mrs Alison Schrauf  (QCMF Administrator)

Responsibilities: First point of personal contact in the Music Office, creating the QCMF Program, liaising with adjudicators, all payment and billing, assistance to music directors and conductors with entries, planning, awards, plaques, etc…
*Alison is the Villanova College Music Secretary, and she’s also a past-parent at VNC

Mr Gordon Hughes (QCMF Business Development Manager)

Responsibilities: Fostering and developing relationships with current and prospective business partners, and guiding the development of a sustainable business model for the festival to ensure its longevity.

The QCMF Planning Group

In addition to the staff above, and the hundreds of volunteers that make QCMF a reality on the Festival week, there is a team of about 30 Villanova Parent volunteers who meet monthly in the lead-up to the festival. These dedicated parents brainstorm, problem-solve and plan to make sure each year’s festival is an improvement on the last.

The 2017 QCMF Planning Group is headed up by the following executive officers:

  • President – Mrs Stephanie Carlson
  • Vice President – Mrs Sharon Williams
  • Treasurer – Mrs Wendy Wallis
  • Minute Secretary – Mr Ken Hartley