Festival Dates
11th - 14th August 2022 (Thursday - Sunday)

Eligibility for Entry

QCMF celebrates and promotes the best in Catholic music education. If you intend to participate in QCMF, your school must belong to the Catholic education sector. A Catholic school or college must identify as a parochial school or education ministry of the Catholic church.

Rules of Participation

Rules of Participation outline conditions of involvement for participants of QCMF. Please careful read over the Rules of Participation.

Section Criteria

To assist ensemble directors, we have separated the Section Criteria into individual areas for ease of clarification. Current Section Criteria may be accessed via the links in the table below:



Concert Bands

String Orchestras

Guitar Ensembles

Whilst there are proposed day(s) for scheduling outlined on this document, please note this is for initial planning purposes only. These days cannot be confirmed until entries are closed and the scheduling has been completed

Award Criteria

It is important to note that the award criteria used by adjudicators are to provide feedback to an ensemble regarding the ensemble’s performance of chosen repertoire at a particular moment in time.  The award system is not, nor should be, used to make comparisons between ensembles within a section, nor between schools across the festival. Please careful read over the  QCMF Award Criteria.

It is also important to note that QCMF adjudicators are trained in the awareness of cognitive bias. For the information of performers, the adjudicator training pack can be downloaded here.

Community Expectations

Before participating in the Festival, all attendees should make themselves aware of the Expectations of the QCMF Community.