Festival Dates
16th - 19th August 2018 (Thursday - Sunday)

In 2015, the Festival organising group asked all adjudicators to select up to five pieces from each section that were ‘quality’ works.  In this context, ‘quality’ refers to the extent that the music was best able to develop student understanding of the concepts of music, and allow students to work cohesively as an ensemble to produce an effective performance.

Please note: this list is NOT intended as a syllabus but as a means of enriching repertoire selection for teachers.

Should you wish to seek any clarification regarding this list, please contact Michael Jones, Festival Artistic Director, through the Villanova College Music Office on 3394 5691 or music@vnc.qld.edu.au

2016 Adjudicator Top Repertoire Picks – Compiled List

2015 Adjudicator Top Repertoire Picks – Compiled List