Festival Dates
13th - 16th August 2020 (Thursday - Sunday)


Limited street parking is available around Villanova College and St James Church, but it will be very busy, so plan for this wisely (arrive early, carpool, use public transport or prepare to have a good hike) so you don’t miss a performance.

Arrive Early – To avoid missing a performance, ensure that you are at the correct venue, and that you’re there at least 30 minutes before the performance starts. Please note: so we respect our performers, adjudicators and audience, once a performance begins the doors will closed until the end of each performance. Please be early to avoid being denied entry!

To assist you in moving across both campuses, please see our festival map below.

Mobility Impaired Access:

We want all our Festival patrons to have an enjoyable experience and participate as fully as possible in the carnival atmosphere.  To assist those patrons with disabled parking permits, we would like to provide the following options to assist with access to the Villanova and St James campus.  During QCMF, we have minimal disabled parking on-site at both St James’ Church and Villanova College. We also must balance student safety with vehicular access to our sites. We ask that patrons with disabled parking travel with a companion so that the vehicle may be moved off-site where possible.

The following outlines the best point of entry for mobility impaired access to specific performance spaces:

Please drive to these positions and have someone travelling with you approach the coordinators at Goold Hall, Augustine Centre, or St James Hub, depending upon where you arrive.  The coordinator will then assist you in entering the site to allow the mobility impaired passenger ease of access.  If you are travelling by yourself, please contact our Facilities Manager Paul Orrell (0407 733 586) for assistance.

For information regarding points of access, please refer to our festival map below.


QCMF Festival Map:

Click here to Download the Festival Map (.PDF)

2019 QCMF Map