Festival Dates
13th - 16th August 2020 (Thursday - Sunday)

On the Festival weekend, Villanova is a busy place, with approximately 20,000 people on campus across the Festival weekend.  There are up to eight venues running similar sections at any one time and it can be confusing to be in the right place at the right time.  To avoid showing up to the wrong venue and missing a performance, we suggest the approach below for audience members.

Steps to locating an ensemble’s performance time and venue prior to the event:

  1. Have a look at the Festival Overview, showing the general schedule for all seven venues.
  2. Find the right day first (as some sections are on multiple days!)
  3. On that day, find the section you’re interested in attending (Concert Band 2B(1), String Orchestra 1A(2), etc…)
  4. When you’ve found the section you’re after, look to the top of the column to see which venue it is being held in.
  5. View the online Performance Schedules for the section you’re after to see the exact timing of all ensembles in that section.
  6. Double-check that the school ensemble you want to hear is listed in that section (there are five different sections of Choir 2B, for example!).
  7. Locate the venue on the Festival Map provided on the website and on the back of the festival program.
  8. Finally, leave enough time to park, walk, find the right venue, and wait until the next performance starts.*

*In respect of performance etiquette, venue doors will only open between school performances, and will not be opened once an ensemble has started – so leave plenty of time!

All of this information is available in the QCMF Program as well, which is a beautiful 36-page colour-coded schedule of all events over the weekend.  Programs cost $5 upon entry.

QCMF Audience Tickets

Tickets for all non-performers (parents, supervising teachers, etc.) to have unlimited entry to all venues for the entire festival are sold at the front of each venue.  Festival passes are charged as follows:  Adult – $10; Concession – $5; Children (school age/ younger) – Free.

Access to Cash

Please note:  There are NO ATM’s on campus; however, there will be EFTPOS facilities at Villanova College for tickets, programs, and refreshments, and St James’ School for tickets and programs only.