Festival Dates
12th - 15th August 2021 (Thursday - Sunday)

Expectation of the QCMF Community

(Coming soon…)

Rules of Participation

Rules of Participation outline conditions of involvement for all participants of QCMF.  This document is aimed at ensuring all expectations and conditions are communicated explicitly before you attend the Festival.

Please careful read over the *NEW* 2020 Rules of Participation.

Section Criteria

Whilst there are proposed day(s) for scheduling outlined on this document, please note this is for initial planning purposes only. These days cannot be confirmed until entries are closed and the scheduling has been completed.

Please note that the *NEW* Section Criteria for QCMF 2020 have been altered in some sections.  To assist ensemble directors, we have separated the Section Criteria into individual areas for ease of clarification.  Current Section Criteria may be accessed via the links in the table below:


2020 Choral Section Criteria

2020 Concert Bands Section Criteria

2020 Strings & Orchestra Section Criteria

2020 Guitar Ensemble Section Criteria

2020 Percussion Ensemble Section Criteria

2020 Jazz Band and Contemporary Ensembles Section Criteria

2020 Instrumental Ensemble Section Criteria