Festival Dates
12th - 15th August 2021 (Thursday - Sunday)

Registering for QCMF

If your school has not attended the Festival before, please follow this link to the Regisatration Portal to activiate your school’s unqiue PURL.

Entering your Ensembles

  1. For schools that have participated in QCMF since 2012, your school’s unique PURL will be emailed to your nominated School Administrator on the day registrations open.
  2. The School Administrator should, using the PURL, log into the QCMF Management Portal and update all information in Step 1:  Enter School Details.
  3. The School Administrator should remove any conductors from the list who no longer work at your school/college.
  4. The School Administrator should then circulate the school’s PURL to all conductors to begin registering their ensembles.

Ensemble Conductors and/or School Administrators

  1.  Update the Conductor contact information and add any new conductors.
  2.  Click on Add New Ensemble

Entry Fees and Festival Changes for 2021

Entry Fees

Festival Changes for 2021

All attendees should make themselves aware of our new Community Expectations

Uploading Stage Set-up and Performance Information Sheets *New*

  1. Click on your school’s PURL or copy and paste your PURL into your browser.
  2. On the Manage Ensembles page scroll down to Ensembles.
  3. Find your Ensemble Name and click on Form Upload.
  4. On the Upload Documents page go to Information Sheet and click on Select File.
  5. Browse to find your completed Performance Information Sheet. Click on Open to select the correct file (.PDF, .JPG or .Docx formats accepted).
  6. Go to Stage Settings and click on Select File and repeat step 5. to select your completed Stage Set-up Sheet.
  7. Once both your completed sheets have been selected, click Upload Documents.

Once you see Document Upload Successful select Close and you will notice two grey icons beside Ensemble’s Form Upload link on the Manage Ensemble page:

CHANGING your Stage set-up and Performance Information Sheet

You can return and change your uploaded documents at any stage prior to the deadline (Monday, 23rd July) by clicking on Form Upload and selecting Change File and repeating Step 5. above and then clicking on Upload Documents.


For each ensemble, a Stage Setup Sheet and a Performance Information Sheet is required. Please see below for the details of these:

Performance Information Sheets *New*

This document asks for information on your repertoire (titles, order and performance times) along with ensemble and conductor information. We would prefer you download the Word (.docx) document, type your information, then save and upload to the appropriate place on your school’s PURL. If you’d rather print it out and fill it in by hand, please select the PDF option then scan, save and upload as above. These may be uploaded at any time up until (coming soon…).

QCMF 2020 Performance Information Sheet (.docx) *NEW*

QCMF 2020 Performance Information Sheet (.PDF) *NEW*

Stage Setups *New*

Stage Setup templates are now available to download below. These may be uploaded at any time up until (coming soon…). For each venue and ensemble type, there will be an instruction sheet with full details of what instruments and equipment are supplied by the Festival, and a second Stage Setup Sheet to return to QCMF.

Please print and complete the information for your ensemble on the appropriate form. Scan, save and upload to the appropriate place on your school’s PURL.


2020 Choral and Vocal Ensembles Setup2020 Concert Band Setup2020 Contemporary Ensemble Setup
2020 Full Orchestra Setup2020 Guitar Ensemble Setup2020 Instrumental Ensemble Setup
2020 Jazz Band Setup2020 Percussion Ensemble Setup2020 String Orchestra Setup


Information for Drumline: Click to download


QCMF Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

The primary goal of QCMF is to celebrate music and music education in Catholic Schools and Colleges. This document outlines the Festival’s QCMF Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy.


Backing Track Instuctions

If you require recorded accompaniment, please print and complete the document below and submit to the Stage Manager just before you perform (Please do NOT submit this sheet to the QCMF office – it is to be kept with the conductor).

All accompaniments must be on either USB, iPod, MP3 or Laptop (under no circumstances will CDs be accepted). Please ensure you clearly describe all selections that have backing tracks and the order of track numbers for the volunteers running sound on the day.

Download Backing Track Instructions