Festival Dates
12th - 15th August 2021 (Thursday - Sunday)

QCMF 2021 – Livestreamed Hybrid Festival

Participants will create and submit videos, which will be played during the Festival (Thursday 12th – Sunday 15th August) to adjudicators and small live audiences. Overseen by comperes, the Festival will be broadcast as a YouTube livestream. Schools can watch just their performance, whole sections or indeed the entire Festival. Participants are encouraged to use the QCMF livestream as an opportunity to create community events in their schools, towns and cities.

Download and print the ‘What is QCMF?‘ brochure to help promote your event.

Please read below and check-back regularly for updates regarding Rules and Technical Specifications of Recordings. Please also follow QCMF on Facebook for important announcements.

Entry Fees

Registering for QCMF

If your school is based in Queensland and has not attended the Festival before, please follow this link to the Registration Portal to activate your school’s unique PURL.

However, if you school is not based in Queensland and has not participated prior to 2012, simply email qcmf@vnc.qld.edu.au and our Festival team will be in contact.

Entering your Ensembles

  1. For schools that have participated in QCMF since 2012, your school’s unique PURL will be emailed to your nominated School Administrator on the day registrations open.
  2. The School Administrator should, using the PURL, log into the QCMF Management Portal and update all information in Step 1:  Enter School Details.
  3. The School Administrator should remove any conductors from the list who no longer work at your school/college.
  4. The School Administrator should then circulate the school’s PURL to all conductors to begin registering their ensembles.

Ensemble Conductors and/or School Administrators

  1.  Update the Conductor contact information and add any new conductors.
  2.  Click on Add New Ensemble

Video Recordings *new*

Rules for recordings:

All current rules, criteria and expectations of QCMF still apply. Additionally, all participants are bound by the following rules for recordings and thereby agree: 

 Technical Specifications: 

Creating your Performance Information Web Form *new*

  1. Click on your school’s PURL or copy and paste your PURL into your browser
  2. Click on upload (next to your ensemble)
  3. Click on Enter Information (next to Performance Information Sheet)
  4. Complete the form and Save
  5. Return to Upload and Print the Performance Information Sheet
  6. ENSURE you PRINT a copy of the completed web form – you must post this form together with your score(s)

CHANGING your Performance Information Sheet

You can return and change your uploaded document at any stage prior to the deadline (Monday, 23rd July) and then clicking on Save.

For each ensemble, a Performance Information Sheet is required. Please see below for the details of these:

POSTING Your Scores *new*

Postal Address:

Villanova College
attn: QCMF/Music Dpt.
24 Sixth Avenue,
Coorparoo, Brisbane, QLD, 4151

QCMF Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy

The primary goal of QCMF is to celebrate music and music education in Catholic Schools and Colleges. This document outlines the Festival’s QCMF Child and Youth Risk Management Strategy.