Festival Dates
15th - 18th August 2019 (Thursday - Sunday)

QCMF is administrated by the Villanova College Music Department, and in addition to hosting the Festival, we also have a busy Music Department to run. For this reason, it would be appreciated if correspondence could be by email to the QCMF address below, or simply complete the contact form on the right. Please limit phone calls to the VNC Music Department if your query is urgent or cannot be answered by email.  Your query will be handled by either Sandra Magnus (QCMF Facilitator) or Alison Schrauf (QCMF Administrator).

Visit the VNC Music Department Website

Mr Michael Jones, Director of Music
Alison Schrauf, Music Secretary

QCMF Email: qcmf@vnc.qld.edu.au
Phone: 3394 5691 | Fax: 3397 0849