Festival Dates
12th - 15th August 2021 (Thursday - Sunday)

Key Information for Festival Guests

Click here to download Key Information for Festival Guests.


Celebrate Mass on Sunday with the entire QCMF Community. Click here to download the Mass Flyer and go to the QCMF Facebook Events page for more information.

Festival Map

The map below shows the eight performance venues, in addition to food outlets, bus drop-off zones, toilet facilities, first aid stations and the main thoroughfare to follow adjoining the performance venues, and the safe crossing between Villanova College and St James Church. Click here to download the Festival Map



Very limited street parking is available around Villanova College and St James Church, so plan accordingly. The use of carpooling or public transport is strongly recommended. Langslands Busways is only a short walk away.

Never Miss a Performance

To avoid missing a performance, arrive early (at least 30 minutes) ensure you are at the correct venuePlease note: QCMF respects the value of live music performance. Once a performance begins the doors will closed until the end of each performance.


Steps to locating an ensemble’s performance time and venue prior to the event:

  1. Have a look at the Festival Overview, showing the general schedule for all seven venues.
  2. Find the right day first (as some sections are on multiple days!)
  3. On that day, find the section you’re interested in attending (Concert Band 2B(1), String Orchestra 1A(2), etc…)
  4. When you’ve found the section you’re after, look to the top of the column to see which venue it is being held in.
  5. View the online Performance Schedules for the section you’re after to see the exact timing of all ensembles in that section.
  6. Double-check that the school ensemble you want to hear is listed in that section (there are five different sections of Choir 2B, for example!).
  7. Locate the venue on the Festival Map provided on the website and on the back of the festival program.
  8. Finally, leave enough time to park, walk, find the right venue, and wait until the next performance starts.*

Ticket Costs and Programs

Programs: $5.

Please note: there are NO ATM’s at QCMF. EFTPOS facilities are available at Villanova College for tickets, programs, and refreshments, and St James’ School for tickets and programs only.

Mobility Impaired Access

To assist those patrons with disabled parking permits, we would like to provide the following options to assist with access to the Villanova and St James campus.  During QCMF, we have minimal disabled parking on-site at both St James’ Church and Villanova College. We also must balance student safety with vehicular access to our sites. We ask that patrons with disabled parking travel with a companion so that the vehicle may be moved off-site where possible.

The following outlines the best point of entry for mobility impaired access to specific performance spaces:

If you are travelling by yourself, contact Villanova College prior to the festival to make suitable arrangements. Or drive to the most suitable entry and ask to speak to the Venue Coordinator.

Bus Information for Schools

Click here to download Bus Information for Schools.

Group Meal Orders for Schools

To make life easy for all of our visiting schools, meals can be pre-ordered for any time of the day (breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks) throughout the Festival for your entire band, choir, orchestra or tour group.

Please Note: There are different order forms for the Villanova College venues and the St James Church venues, so please put some thought into where you’d like to have your group meal, and fill out and submit the appropriate form!

(coming in June 2020…).

Villanova College Venues – QCMF 2020 Meal Order Form

St. James Venues – QCMF 2020 Meal Order Form