Festival Dates
13th - 16th August 2020 (Thursday - Sunday)

In response to requests from school music directors and teachers to be given the opportunity to have greater input into the preparation and running of the festival, the QCMF Planning Group invited interested persons to attend an annual planning meeting. In addition, each year all music directors and conductors are given the opportunity to complete a festival evaluation, which is used to improve identified areas for future festivals.  The changes to the staging of the festival each year is a result of deliberations from those meetings, and information and feedback gained from the evaluation responses received.

On 22 February 2019, an Advisory Meeting was held at Villanova College. Prior to the meeting all Queensland Catholic schools and colleges were sent an agenda and an invitation to attend the meeting or send in their suggestions for discussion at the meeting.

(a copy of the minutes of the Advisory Meeting can be found at the bottom of this page)


As we do every year, we took volunteers teachers from participating schools and colleges for the two QCMF Advisory Committees with the aim to advise the QCMF Artistic Director when necessary. The role of these committees is to advise on technical questions raised by music directors of participating ensembles.

The following people volunteered to be on the advisory committees for this year.

Choral Advisory Committee:


Instrumental Advisory Committee:


If assistance is required in selecting repertoire or choosing the correct section to enter, feel free to email qcmf@vnc.qld.edu.au and your questions will be forwarded to Mr Michael Jones, and to members of the appropriate advisory committee if necessary.

Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes: 2019 QCMF Advisory Meeting Minutes